I love to dance to Latin music and my heart overfills with joy when I listen to music! P.S. John Legend is my favorite R&B/Soul singer! 

I love to travel, especially to beach locations.  Hawaii has become my love of beach locations until I discover something even more beautiful.  The world is too big to stay in one place and never see God's creation!

I have a sassy teenage daughter who is the reason why I picked up a camera and started photographing in the first place. 

I come from a blended family where I have a lot of brothers and sisters but I am a twin!  I have a twin brother and we are 1 hour apart.  If you've been through a natural labor, poor Mom, right? 

I am a true native to Leesburg, Virginia - which most people find really interesting!  Why?  I don't know!

Here are some fun facts about me:

Hello!!!  My name is Ericia and I'm your friendly photographic artist!  It is such an honor to be allowed to photograph you.  Whether I'm photographing your growing family or documenting your wedding day, your trust in me to capture your moment means the world to me!  I believe in living everyday like it's your last!  But, most importantly, I believe you should document it, print it, and put it someplace where you can see it everyday!

Let's Be Friends!

Photographic Artist


"Give a girl the right shoes and she can conquer the


"Maybe our girlfriends are our soulmates and guys are just someone
to have fun with!"

Sex & the City

Make-up is art,
beauty is spirit!


The best apologies come in colored boxes!


A FEW OF MY favorite things


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